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Funnelytics vs Google Analytics Review

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Funnelytics vs Google analytics
Review of: FunnelyticsCategory: Marketing Funnel

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Customer support is professional yet friendly and knowledgeableThe simple interface fosters for mastery with minimal instructionThe color scheme and composition of the window design is welcomingThe rich feature library is worth the subscription cost

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  • Interface is easy to get into
  • Support is top notch
  • Collaboration with colleagues and clients
  • Shows
  • success rate of various channels
  • Not a single analytic feature included in the free version
  • No ad spend tracking

1. What is Funnelytics?

We’ve already deep-dived into all the specifics of Funnelytics in an earlier post. So if you’ve already read that one you can skip this first part. If not, feel free to read along!

Funnelytics is a comprehensive web-based funneling tool with a user-friendly interface. There are a series of activities involved in converting a prospect to a sale and Funnelytics is designed to map marketing funnels and process flows while providing a pictorial representation for convenient viewing and readjustment. Additionally, the bonus of monitoring is provided as tracking analytics are available for the funnels created.

The Funnelytics software was developed by a team of developers and marketers led by the Canadian Mikael Dia. As with many innovations, this software was born out of a need for a tool that handled both mapping and analytics well. The frustration with the lack of tools available at the time led to the development of Funnelytics, which launched in its beta form in 2017. One year later it was launched in the form it is known today.

Despite being a young system at best (as it is only a bit over a year old at the time of writing), Funnelytics is making waves in the marketing world as a result of its unique combination of features and its simplistic and welcoming interface.


2. Who is Funnelytics for?

Funnelytics serves its designated purpose well and can improve your marketing process if used right. However, it is not applicable to everyone.

2.1 Funnelytics is applicable to:

  • Those who want a well-designed interface to help in quick and efficient funnel generation
  • Those who want a system that fosters collaboration and discussion by allowing sharing of funnels
  • Those who benefit from expressing their marketing plans and processes in a visual form
  • Those who want the benefit of funnel analytics for the various branches of the funnel
  • Those who use funnels as part of their marketing strategy
  • Those who want to be able to ascertain what channels in the marketing strategy drive sale closure

2.2 Funnelytics is not applicable to:

  • Those who already have a single system or multiple systems that provide the benefit of funnel creation and that of analytics
  • Those who don’t make use of funnels as a marketing tool
  • Those who do not benefit from the use of visual aids such as funnels
  • Those who no longer have need for new funnels

3. What is Included in a Purchase of Funnelytics?

As stated before, Funnelytics is web-based and so the inclusion boils down to the functionalities that can be accessed upon purchase. The software is offered in two tiers and the difference between them is substantial. Check out the difference between Funnelytics Starter and Funnelytics Pro below:

 Funnelytics ProFunnelytics Starter
Funnel MappingYesYes
Number of FunnelsUnlimited Funnels10 Funnels
PDF & PNG ExportsYesYes
Training VideosYesYes
Goal & Conversion TrackingYesNo
Customer ProfilesYesNo
Ad & Email TrackingYesNo
Action TrackingYesNo
Bonus Feature 
Cost$695 per annumFree

As you can see here, the free version is very skewed compared to its paid counterpart. The true allure of a system like Funnelytics is the convenience of mapping, collaboration and tracking features in a single package. While the mapping features are incredible, you need to get a paid subscription in order to realize the real benefits.

4. Features of Funnelytics

Funnelytics provides a variety of features that allow it to stand out from the competition. Check out the below features that help to provide a boost to your marketing efforts.

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Funnel Builder – A recurring theme in the discussion of Funnelytics is the extent to which the software is both intuitive and easy to manipulate. This feature, which is at the core of the program, reinforces that fact as it makes use of a simplistic drag and drop interface. This interface allows a smooth building of sales funnels using objects such as pages, traffic sources, user activities and actions. It even provides an object to denote non-internet aspects of your sales process. You also have the benefit of importing and using templates that fit your needs instead of always having to build your funnels from scratch.

  • Goals and Conversion Tracking – Seeing your marketing efforts result in sale closures is an indication that something is being done right, however, understanding the factors and channels that are working versus those that are not isn’t always a possibility. Funnelytics assist with this as it allows you to get an illustration of the avenues that lead to sales and leads. With this, you can focus your efforts on what works in the context of your business needs and divert useful resources from what isn’t working.

  • Lead and Customer Profiles – In addition to understanding which of your marketing efforts work best, gaining an understanding of the people you market to is an extremely valuable insight to have. Funnelytics allows you to get an idea of the characteristics, behaviors, and locations of both customers and leads in addition to the paths they take that generate traffic on your site.

  • Client Account – Having a client-facing use case is one of the best features of Funnelytics. Clients usually await reports from the work you do to get an idea of what is happening and what decisions they need to make. With Funnelytics, client accounts can be created, which gives them the necessary viewing rights to the project so they can see what is taking place (you may allow editing rights as well if needed).

5. Funnelytics Tutorial

Getting the most out of Funnelytics is a matter of understanding and making use of the simple interface. You can view a great video down below to help you to get started.

6. Funnelytics vs Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular platform that can be used to aid your marketing strategy review efforts with insights provided from metrics such as traffic and conversion rates. However, these are not integrated into a funnel view.

The unique factor about Funnelytics, which no existing platform has done is to wrap the funnel map visualization with the metrics allowing you to see the relationship between the two aspects. This gives a wholesome view that a system like Google Analytics is not able to provide.

Though Funnelytics boasts several features, there are a couple offerings that it does not provide that are available with Google Analytics.

The first is a tracking metric for ad spending. This is a cost that goes into marketing and a metric to illustrate the proportion of spending on ads goes a long way in expense optimization and revision. Google Analytics currently supports this feature.

Second is custom reports. While there are reports built into Funnelytics, if you wish to create custom views you are out of luck as this feature, which exists in Google Analytics, does not exist in Funnelytics. Additionally, Google Analytics provides reporting on ROI metrics, which Funnelytics does not.

Google Analytics

An overview of Google Analytics traffic metrics

Note, however, that both these features are in development for Funnelytics and are expected in the future.

7. Conclusion

Funnelytics is arguably the best marketing funnel tool available. The ability to create funnels and integrate them with analytics is very useful in marketing. Having to do this across multiple systems requires additional effort and time that could be used for things like coming up with new strategies. Funnelytics is the only tool that wraps both functionalities together, which makes it very convenient. Additionally, the ability to share and collaborate on content which colleagues and clients fosters a transparent and objective process.

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