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Easiest Way To Increase Ads Revenue

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Easy way to increase ad revenue

Every once in a while life throws you a softball. Make sure you’re always walking with a bat. It would be a waste to miss an easy home run.

If you’re already getting traffic to your website then this one simple trick will definitely make your day.

However, don’t despair if you haven’t figured out a way to get a lot of traffic. This easy method is basically for everyone. Whatever it is you’re making right now, will most likely increase in revenue with this tool.

Source: Ezoic 

Smart is the way to go

In order to be more efficient with your time, it is crucial to find tools that help you out.

Don’t work hard, work smart.

Ad blockers are becoming more and more mainstream. Making sure you keep gaining from your ads can be a bit of a hurdle.

The reason ads blocks exist is because people don’t like ads anymore. They’re pushy and follow you around wherever you go.

But ads still work.

Google still makes billions of dollars each year with ads. You, even though you might not like it, still click ads them from time to time. And so will other people. Millions of them.

Manual Ad Placement

If you’re somebody that puts ads on their website it’s important to not bombard your whole website with them.

Ads need to be non-intrusive. People don’t come to your website to see ads, they come for the content you provide.

The question then becomes: how do you place ads that are non-intrusive?

The best way to become a growth hacker is to keep on testing. Even if something is working, you don’t stop testing. You find a way to make it work better. Squeeze a little bit more out of it.

Finding a way to place ads that are non-intrusive is a matter of testing.

If you for example always place your ads at the end of your blog posts, it could be beneficial to try placing them at the top or sides of a blog post.

Of course, after years of research by many websites we already have a general idea of what works best. It’s something like this:

Best Adsense Placement
Shoutmeloud: Make Money Online Google Adsense Placement Guide

This is the general guideline to placing ads on your website with the darker shade orange representing the better placed ads.

While a general overview of what would probably give you the most amount of revenue is great, it doesn’t show you what would work best for you.

The only thing the picture above shows is what works best for most pages. I can guarantee you that this picture was not made with your website in mind.

The solution?

Automatic Ads Placement

Some other smart people solved this exact problem. Since it’s impossible to test it all manually they’ve created a tool that helps you find the best positions for your ads.

Ezoic is one of those tools that simply does what it says.

All you need to do is place your Adsense (or other Ad providers) inside Ezoic and place the Ezoic code on your website. From this moment on you just sit back, relax and watch automation do its job.

This article does this tool no justice. There are so many more awesome features they have. So if you just invest just a little bit of time into learning how to implement this on your website, you’ll surely reap the benefits in the long run.

Don’t postpone. Make some time to change this one little thing, today!

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