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Secret Quora hack to increase traffic

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Secret Quora Hacks

What can you expect to learn from this article?

The main goal of this article is to teach you how to use Quora to your advantage. First, we’ll start with the basics of what Quora is. After that, we’ll jump into why you should use Quora. Lastly, we’ll finish it with two methods you can use to get traffic from Quora.

Let’s get started.

First time hearing about Quora?

If you’re anywhere above 21 years old, you’re probably very familiar with yahoo answers. At one point it was the best site to get answers about virtually anything. While yahoo answers still exist today it is nowhere near what it used to be. It didn’t die, but it definitely doesn’t have most people’s heart anymore. If you still have a yahoo answers-shaped hole in your heart, then let Quora fill that for you.

Quora, like yahoo answers, is a site where you can post questions and wait for people to provide answers. A lot of people who provide the answers are respectful and knowledgeable. You’d be surprised how detailed and well-thought-out some of their answers are. However, to be fair, this heavily depends on the niches that you follow and the writers that write there.

The main goal of the website is to share knowledge. The answers you share are rewarded with upvotes. The better the information the more upvotes you get. The more upvotes you get the longer you stay at the top of the page for a particular question. Which in turn makes it possible for more people to see your answer.

Providing quality answers is crucial for your long term success.

Why would you use Quora?

Quora is not a new website. It’s been around for a while. If you play your cards right, you might be able to tap into a whole new market.

Quora is not e webshop. People don’t come to Quora to be sold too. Most people there are smart enough to see through a blatant promotion. So we really want to emphasize that the main goal is to provide value. Providing an in-depth answer that satisfies the reader is usually the best way to go. Only redirect to your product when it really provides an even better solution to their question.

With the right timing and the right wording, you can:

  • Lead people to our website or blog post
  • Promote a specific product
  • Get people to buy from you
  • Suggest companies that offers a specific service
  • Get people to buy your ebook
  • Urge people to enroll in online courses

Or any of the other actions you want people to take. Take a couple of weeks to understand the ins and outs of this platform so you can learn how to make it work for you.

How to get the maximum out of Quora

Method 1: Quantity not Quality

Yes I know I said to focus on the quality of the articles. Quality is great and making sure you provide amazing content is what we should all strive for. However, the amount of content being uploaded every second on the internet is astonishing.

With that being said, you don’t want to wait weeks creating that perfect piece of content that nobody sees. 10 pieces of good content are better than 1 piece of great content.

The best part is that the more you write the faster your good content will turn into great content. Practice makes better.

Quora has a feature that allows people to follow questions and Topics. Some of the users that follow the question or topic get a notification when somebody posts an answer. It’s up to you to find topics/questions within your niche with a decent following.

Most people start searching for questions or topics with the most amount of followers. Keep in mind that the questions/topics with the most followers also get the most answers. Which means that you have a smaller chance of being seen.

We recommend going into your niche as much as possible. They might not be as big, but the competition will be less fierce. Plus your answers will also be seen by people who are more interested in that topic.

The biggest problem with the amount of followers there are is that you still don’t get an accurate idea of how many people will view them. Some people follow a lot of topics but only linger around in a few. This is where method number 2 comes in handy.

Method 2: Ad Account

Instead of going through hundreds of questions and topics trying to find the most relevant one, set up an ad account in Quora.

It’ll ask you for specific keywords and show you all questions containing those words. Unlike the first method, you don’t have to check them all one by one to know which has the most number of followers. Quora will sort them out for you. You’ll see which of the questions have the highest relevance and those that don’t really matter. This will really lighten your load and make your work easier.

To set it up, go to “Manage Ads.” Click on it and then go to “Create Campaign.” You’ll see “Create an Ad Set” button after that. Clicking that will redirect you to a page where you can set up your ad account.

Quora Create Campaign

To set the keywords that you want your questions to contain, find the Primary Targeting section. From there, find and click “Question Targeting” and then choose ”Choose Questions.” Type in your desired keywords. Be specific instead of typing too many words. The more words you enter, the more hits you’ll get.

Quora Question Targeting

Browse through your questions and mark the ones you think are relevant. With this information, you can easily identify which questions get the most views and target them accordingly.

Quora Questions Keywords

The end

When it comes to life, there is no one size fits all. What these methods are supposed to teach you is to give you new perspectives. Quora can be very useful if you learn how to use it. There’s no certainty in the outcome of these methods. What is certain is that people who try and try again, have a higher chance of succeeding. If you try to learn the system, you could get those results too.

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