Ever heard of a tool that tracks all your competitors on social media 24/7?

SpyTrack is a tool that tracks URL’s, hashtags, keywords, mentions and accounts on YouTube and Twitter. Because all trackers are live and in real-time, you can monitor your posts and compare them against your competitors – and change your social campaign accordingly.

A few SpyTrack features:

  • Identify influencers with interactive metrics and contact them
  • Real-time reports on your hashtags/keywords so you can optimize them to maximize engagement
  • SpyTrack real-time word cloud for all your tags/keywords that builds as the live tracker grows, so you can monitor which keywords/tags are working
  • Post your content at optimal times based on who is engaging and what hashtags and keywords they are using
  • You’ll be able to export all the data in CSV or save as PDF

SpyTrack analytics

What It Can Do

SpyTrack gathers the latest posts related to your tracker and lets you reply to tweets straight from the dashboard. You can use the data to see what influencers are talking about and if this is related to one of your topics. This helps you to post at the best possible time. Trending topics and posts/tweets will appear on your Media Wall. With SpyTrack, you can spot trends before your competitors and use their social strategy against them.


SpyTrack has similar options for Youtube. You can easily track Youtube accounts to see how they are getting followers and what they are doing to increase their engagement. There also is an option to look at each individual post to see which one is the most popular and then use an identical topic in your video. When you need to put out a lot of quality content, having a helping tool to give you new ideas will always come in handy. Furthermore, the tool is also equipped with features like:

  • The Best Post Times – See when your videos are getting the most views
  • Optimal Video Duration – Find out the best lengths for your videos to get maximum engagement
  • Perfect Number of Hashtags – Get the best number of hashtags to use on your campaign

Why it Matters

With millions of posts being uploaded each day, it has become harder for you to stay relevant. Knowing what matters to your (target) audience is essential to beating the competition.

SpyTrack Features

You should note that the Full Agency Version is built in. You won’t ever need ANY additional upgrades with SypTracker. Don’t forget to check out our overview if you’re considering Spytrack in your social strategy.

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